Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yesterday as it was snowing there was huge thunderclouds in the air. I earlyer saw a video of the fabled thundersnow and have always wanted to see some. Yesterday though the sky was lit up by some lightning. i screamed "THUNDERSNOW!!!!" and my parents later thought !!! Then were lokking at the toob and saw the reporter saw reports of thundersnow. Soon my parents bowed down and hailed to the mightyness of the thundersnow. (Based in reality tho they went grunt grunt, and got more coffee.)

Friday, February 5, 2010


You have got to lovethe skys dandruff. =6 I mean snow. =0 yea i'm glad you understand face man. =)


Hola mis amigos. Como te llamas? Me llamo jordan scully. Si. Donada. Asta luago.


Just now my mom oddly called some sick dieased plat "hermey" Idk why but she did


HAHA!! Today i had 4 tests to take and i got out of my l.a. test because of early dissmisal.=)


"there is no off swith to the genius mind"